Midsummernights Dream

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Travel to an enchanted forrest and discover the characters from this hilarious love story. Meet our four heroes as they fall in and out of love thanks to the mischievous Puck and interact with the elements of the story in a novel and unique way. The iPad format allows us to recreate the this classic story, combining scenes, thoughts, objects and locations in an exciting way.

Throughout the story the reader will find multiple chances to interact with the iPad, as well as tackle puzzles, play games and solve riddles. At one point the reader must help Puck to find a unique flower in order to create the magic love-at-first-sight potion!

Accompanying the story is a beautiful scored music synchronized with each scene, emotion and moment.

Our “A midsummer night’s dream” is filled with beautiful and detailed illustrations by Miguel Calero with original music by Michael Kropf.

Shakespeare has been summarised into a carefully composed rhyming prose that recounts the story faithfully whilst keeping the action short and entertaining and keep our young reader’s attention.