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Mary Shelley’s classic tale but in a way that has never been seen before! Aimed at an older reader than previous Touch of Classic titles, Frankenstein has a much longer story with more text on each scene. In order to enjoy the beautiful illustrations, the text is presented on sheets of parchment that are tucked away on the edge of the screen. The reader can drag the text out to follow the narration, or store the page and simply listen to the incredible voices of our story tellers.
Throughout the story the reader will find multiple chances to interact with the iPad, as well as tackle puzzles, play games and solve riddles. At one point the reader must help Victor to find and bring the monster to life by completing a complex game!

Accompanying the story is a beautiful scored music synchronized with each scene, emotion and moment.

Our “Frankenstein” is filled with beautiful and detailed illustrations by Miguel Calero with original music by Michael Kropf.

Shelley’s text has been summarised into a carefully shortened prose that recounts the story faithfully whilst keeping the action short and entertaining and to keep our reader’s attention.