A short summary of the story…

Image result for don quixoteTravel with the famous knight as he begins his chivalrous quests but in a way that you have never seen before. The iPad format allows us recreate the story by showing two parallel worlds: the real world of the time, and the magical world that resides in only Don Quixote’s imagination. Touching the illustrations is certain places transforms the scene form one world to another.

Throughout the story are opportunities to interact with the characters and elements in the scenes and puzzles and riddles to solve: readers are invited to “dress” Don Quixote, helping him to put on his armour, and encouraged to help his famous charge against the windmills.

While all this is happening, music specially composed for the story fades in and out to match the changing moods and emotions of each scene.

Don Quixote features beautiful and highly detailed illustrations by Miguel Calero and a musical score composed by Michael Kropf that synchronizes with the varying scenes, matching the music to the contrasting emotions felt across the journey.
The immense novel has been synthesized by carefully selecting emblematic and key moments and set in verse with a light and humorous text that will appeal to a young audience.

“So Don Quixote was born on that day
with a mission for good and dragons to slay!
But dragons at home were scarce and rare
He knew that he had to search elsewhere”