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Why you should buy from Glass Bubblers

All of our wholesale glass bubblers are hand blown and made from only the finest glass. We pride ourselves in the durability and the strength of our glass bubblers. The quality, craftsmanship, time and effort that goes into making these, one of a kind pieces of art, is unrivaled by the competition. These types of glass bubblers will not break when hot and take big impacts very well. When you want to buy glass bubblers don’t go anywhere else because you are going to find two things that disappoint you; one is going to be the price you pay and second is going to be the quality. We are proud that our products are all free of flaws; flawed pieces are discarded and never sold. Only the best pieces are selected for shipment.
Glass Bubblers wholesale

The price that you would normally pay for these same glass bubblers in a head shop is going to range from $100 all of the way up to $400 dollars and you can almost bet that the pieces you buy out of the stores are actually coming from us, unless of course you personally know a glass blower.