Discovering Classic Literature through Touch and Multimedia

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Touch of Classic is devoted to bringing classic literature to a young audience in an exciting and stimulating way.

Children will be captivated by snappy, rhyming text, stunning artwork, beautiful music and, especially, the opportunity to touch and interact with elements of the story.

Aside from enjoying a great experience, children will learn famous characters from literature, understand complex plots and be challenged by our interactive puzzles: each story contains a series of riddles, games and problems to be solved.
Classic literature will never seem the same again, even with classic decor

Difficulties with sound

Two users have reported some sound difficulties. This problem is due the fact that previously you had this device set to “Silent”, then changed your settings to Block rotation” but did so with the switch in the off position.

The following should help:

  • Click on the icon from the iPad main screen “Settings”
  • Select “General”
  • Find the line that says “Use Side Switch
  • Possibly it is set to “Block rotation.” Instead, select “Mute”
  • Look for the side switch, it just above the volume control. Make sure you are in “ON” mode, with the switch turned UP (when in “OFF” may be a small orange circle visible).
  • Check now if you can hear the sound of the application (
  • If so, you may wish to return to the settings again and select “Block rotation” but when you do this make sure that the side switch remains“ON”

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